February 22nd

22 uses for a Honda EU22i generator

Check out 22 everyday, and not-so-everyday, uses for a Honda EU22i generator, from mining bitcoin to powering the MotoGP.

  • 01 Multi-task effectively

    Only 2.5% of the population are able to multi-task effectively, according to one scientific study. (Just doing one thing for a few seconds before switching to another doesn’t count.) But the EU 22i has no such problems, with two mains-style electric sockets that can be used simultaneously and a 12V DC output for charging batteries. The options are almost limitless...

  • 02 Become a Bitcoin billionaire

    Well, maybe not billionaire, especially after the digital currency lost so much of its value recently. But the EU 22i does have a maximum output of 2200W – that’s more than enough to run Bitcoin mining devices like the AntMiner S9.

  • 03 Get in on one of the fashion world’s hottest trends

    Top designers Ferragamo and Alexander Wang have both done it, but putting on a major fashion show in the great outdoors is no easy feat. You’re going to need some way of primping and preening a bevy of models without access to plugs in the wall. Step forward, the EU 22i.

  • 04 Find your focus

    The number of self-employed people has boomed in the UK in recent years; it’s now up to 4.7m. For some of them, the peace and quiet of the garden shed is the best place to knuckle down. Having an EU 22i in there means you can hook up a laptop and WiFi in no time at all. 

  • 05 Upgrade

    For those who fancy something more substantial, a prefabricated cabin by Swedish design firm Vipp, offers a stylish solution. Powering appliances with one or more EU 22is means that its location doesn’t need to be limited by the availability of electricity from the grid. 

  • 06 Lead an expedition

    In 2007, Caudwell Xtreme Everest became the largest ever high-altitude medical research expedition, with 60 doctors, 208 volunteers, 30 tonnes of equipment, seven medical labs and 38 Honda portable generators – ancestors of the EU 22i – which were kept running 24 hours a day for three months at 8,000m above sea level.

  • 07 Discover that the best things come in small packages

    In terms of its power – a maximum of 2200W, rated to 1800W – and its range of uses, the EU 22i is big. But all that punch comes in a small package. At 51.2cm x 29cm x 42.5cm it’s about the same size as a weekend bag.

  • 08 Power the foodie revolution

    When a Singaporean noodle van won a Michelin star a couple of years ago, it proved that food trucks have come a long way since Mr Whippy ice cream. Anyone hoping to replicate the success of HK Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle will need to power appliances, though – which is where the EU 22i would come in handy. 

  • 09 Jump-start the party

    It happens to everyone at least once. One day, you hop in your car or on your motorbike, you try to turn on the ignition – and your heart sinks. The battery’s flat. And you’re already in a hurry. You either need a friend with jump leads... or the EU 22i.

  • 10 Survive a power cut

    No power? No problem – the Eu22i is here to help. The UK doesn’t get many power cuts. (Although there were 640 outages in 2015, up from 537 the year before, according to one power management firm.) But they’re still a hassle when they come along. The 2003 power cut in London left 500,000 people without electricity – for up to two hours in some cases. But buy an EU22i and you’ll always have a backup. 

  • 11 Get back to nature

    For city folk, tending to an allotment is a practical way to get a hit of what some scientists have termed ‘biophilia’. Being able to charge and power your Honda garden tools on site makes communing with nature that little bit easier.

  • 12 Create the ultimate World Cup viewing experience

    Is it just us, or does setting up a television (and a mini fridge) outdoors to watch the big match sound like a brilliant way to spend a few leisurely afternoons this summer?

  • 13 Save money on a wedding venue...

    If you’ve looked for yourself, or your children, you’ll know that wedding reception venues can be pricey. Very pricey. A large marquee could be a cheaper and more picturesque solution – but only if there’s a reliable source of power for lighting, music and everything else. 

  • 14 ... And spend it on perfectly cooled Champagne

    A Honda EU 22i generator can power a fridge almost anywhere. Champagne house Veuve Clicquot recommends half a day in the fridge to cool a bottle of bubbly to 8℃, just so you know.

  • 15 Fine tune your performance on the go

    Some generators have a nasty habit of producing power surges that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. But not the EU 22i. Its inverter technology provides a smooth, reliable flow that means even the pros at the Repsol Honda MotoGP team are happy to use it to power their kit.

  • 16 Deliver an awesome pitch

    Taking meetings and presentations out of the office is guaranteed to make them more exciting. But if you’re the one who has to stand up in front of colleagues and clients, it’s also guaranteed to be more nerve-wracking – unless you don’t have to rely on the battery life of your laptop and projector.

  • 17 Prepare for the end of the world

    It’s not the most cheery thought, but the subculture of ‘preppers’ believe that end of civilisation as we know it might be just around the corner. If everything does suddenly take a turn for the worse, you’re going to need electricity. And if they don’t, well, peace of mind is good too.

  • 18 Charge phones for the whole family

    Batteries for smartphones run out pretty quickly at the best of times, even faster when they’re in the hands of certain people. And although portable battery chargers are useful, there’s a limit to how much juice they can produce before they need to be re-charged themselves. Not so for the EU 22i.

  • 19 Make a movie

    As this Honda ad shows – quite beautifully, if we say so ourselves – a lot of filmmaking is now done by tech wizards and on green screens. But shooting still happens ‘on location’, and that relies on having access to power outside the walls of a studio.

  • 20 Create a pitch to rival the Inishturk Gaelic Football team’s

    If you’ve got a petrol powered professional-standard lawnmower like Honda’s HRH 536, then the world of sports fields is already your oyster. But for those of us running something that relies on electricity (such as the Honda HRE) then an ambitious project like this calls for backup power.   

  • 21 Travel abroad

    The EU 22i works anywhere in the world. All it needs is petrol to fill its 3.6l tank and it can run for 3 hour 30 minutes at 1800W. But what you might not know is that it weighs just 21kg – lighter than the 23kg that many airlines set as the limit for standard check-in luggage.

  • 22 Put the kettle on

    If you manage to do all of that, or even just some of it, then you’ll have earned the chance to put your feet up and have a brew. Whether you’re at Everest Basecamp, in a garden shed, the pit lane of a MotoGP race, or even your own power cut-affected kitchen, the EU 22i can be relied on to make it happen.