February 14th In Type-R

24% of Brits would prefer to date someone with a nice car rather than a high I.Q.

Romance isn’t the only thing that matters; the car is just as important – at least according to new research from Honda UK.

A poll of 2,000 British adults* revealed that one in ten people (12%) would prefer to date someone with a nice car rather than a good sense of humour, manners or intelligence – with this factor doubling in those younger than 25.

Chivalry ranked high among women, with almost half (47%) wanting to be wined and dined the old-fashioned way – and for their date to pick them up. One in ten men (11%) wanted the same treatment.

For those being swept off their feet via car, almost three-quarters (73%) said it was important that the car was clean inside and out. To cap it off, one in ten (12%) said they would not consider a second date if the car was dirty.

Phil Webb, head of car at Honda UK, said: “The research also found that almost one in five of those in London and the West Midlands consider having a nice car far more important than dress sense and a generous date who pays the bill. Our advice is to make sure the car is clean and tidy. And if that fails, turn up the charm!”

Speaking of which, did you know that the new Civic Diesel is 23% cleaner than the average new car in the UK? Just saying...

*OnePoll survey of 2,000 British adults, conducted in February 2018