honda urban ev concept: The future is closer than you think

Honda Urban EV on road from side

Honda's Urban EV concept car is making headlines for all the right reasons

Honda Urban EV on road from front

From Tokyo to Turin, there’s a concept car that’s picking up the plaudits wherever it travels.

Introducing the Honda Urban EV, one of a trio of exciting Honda electric concepts.

With Honda working hard to develop various technologies and products that contribute to a carbon-free society, the Honda Urban EV concept is closer to hitting the roads than you might think.

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Having made its debut to a rapturous reception at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, the Urban EV Concept has gone on to make electric car news worldwide. Along with the Honda Sports EV Concept and the NeuV, an advanced electric concept with autonomous features and artificial intelligence, the Urban EV is certainly generating quite the buzz.

Named ‘2018 Concept of the Year’ by Automobile magazine, we need only look at accolades such as this to know that Honda is on to something special with the Urban EV.  But the high praise doesn’t stop there. A short time later, a panel of automobile experts named the Honda Urban EV Concept as ‘The Best Concept Car’ as part of the 2018 Turin Motor Show.

Indeed, jurors said it brings:

The Honda Urban EV has a simple yet sophisticated design, contrasting beautifully with the advanced technology that powers it. The high level of sophistication runs through every aspect of the vehicle. The high praise it's receiving comes as no surprise.

Its profile is low and wide, and the Honda Urban EV has something of a sporty stance, though has been described as ‘cute’ on more than one occasion! Built on a newly-developed dedicated EV platform, this concept could prove to be an exciting signal for Honda's future electric innovations.

White Honda Urban EV from front
White Honda Urban EV door open
honda urban ev front rear and side view
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Quite simply, the Honda Urban EV Concept looks positively futuristic inside and out. It’s an electric car of compact proportion which makes it perfectly practical for the hustle and bustle of today’s modern city driving. Indeed, the Honda Urban EV’s total length is 100 mm shorter than the Honda Jazz supermini - needless to say, parking won’t be a problem! 

Slim A-pillars provide excellent visibility for the driver while the windscreen seems to sweep around the entire front of the car. At the very front of the car, you’ll find the Honda emblem which is backlit in blue (a new styling feature for the company’s future EVs) and, of course, the all-important electric charging cable connection which is housed on the bonnet.

Step inside and you’ll discover that the Honda Urban EV interior is warm and welcoming and features a cabin with an open-plan design. The combination of natural grey fabric and wood finish accents results in a lounge-style environment that’s truly comfortable to travel in, despite the smaller profile of the car. Two bench seats allow you and three passengers to travel in style in the Honda Urban EV.

Turning to the high tech display of the Honda Urban EV interior, a glorious panoramic dashboard extends into the doors where, in a clever bit of design, door screens function as side mirrors through digital camera displays. It’s innovative features such as this which is creating such a buzz of excitement among automobile enthusiasts the world over.

What’s clear is that Honda intends to enter the European electric vehicle market in a big way. Indeed, Honda Motor Co. President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, speaking as he unveiled Honda’s Urban EV Concept,  stated that electric technology will feature in every new car model that is launched in Europe, such is the high level of interest in the region.

Customers will be able to make a Honda Urban EV pre-order as soon as early 2019, making it the first production model in Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’ strategy. The future is closer than you might think!

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