December 18th

The future of Honda motorcycles, according to kids

Honda revealed not one, but twelve new bikes at this year’s Motorcycle Live, all of which you can see here. But 2017 is so this year, which is why we asked a group of kids to design what Honda bikes might look like in 2042. The result? Just you wait…

  • 01 Light Bike

    It’s not a tried-and-tested Honda colour scheme. (Purple, orange and green? Inspired.) But when you’re riding a bike that’s literally powered by light, you’ll be going too fast to even see colour. And that’s a scientific fact.

  • 02 Mega-Legs

    Is it a bot? Is it a mech? No, it’s Mega-Legs! In short: a massive bipedal bike with firework boosters, trampoline seats and “legs to walk with”. Obviously.

  • 03 Roll Cage Bike

    Like all great artists, this five-year-old is mononymous. His objet d’art? a bright blue bike with a roll cage. High-concept yet practical. Classic.

  • 04 Flying 'Bice'

    Many a mind hath tried, and failed, to invent a flying motorbike, but we believe this prodigy has cracked it. The missing piece of the puzzle? A cape. Simply attach it to it your bike and voila: flying bike. Sorry, flying bice.

  • 05 Jet Bike

    This jet-propelled superbike is courtesy of a speed-freak extraordinaire. Because what’s the point in having a jet-propelled überbike if it doesn’t also have turbo wheels? Why indeed.

  • 06 Road-Hover-Sub-Boat Bike

    Here we have a bike – or rather, four bikes – to suit sea, land and air. Our advice: put a pre-order on that sub-bike; stocks will sink quick. (Ah-thank you.)

  • 07 Pink Bike

    Contrary to popular opinion, the future isn’t orange; it’s pink. And purple, apparently. And really rad, so long as this young lady is working at Honda. (Hint, hint.)

  • 08 Man o’ War Bike

    We’re not entirely sure this qualifies as a bike, but we’ll give this designer a pass. Primarily because it’s a pirate ship on wheels, but also because he’s a kid..

  • 09 Flying Rocket Bike

    One of the best things about riding a bike is having the wind in your hair. Right? Wrong! Glass domes are where it’s at. Seriously, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. (Best not knock it at all, actually.)

  • 10 Magnetic Hover Bike

    Heard of Honda’s Electric Vision? Well, this is the Magnetic Vision: a future where anything is possible. A future where flight is ubiquitous. A future where nature and man – and magnets – all live in perfect harmony. Behold: the power of dreams!