October 5th

Honda tops What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey

Hurrah! Honda has smashed What Car? magazine’s new Servicing Satisfaction Survey after scoring big in quality of work, politeness of staff and value for money.  

“The What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey shows that Honda dealers score well in every area,” says What Car? editor Steve Huntingford. “And while the level of satisfaction with many brands plummets as cars age, Honda owners can expect attentive behaviour from staff and a high standard of workmanship throughout their cars' lives.”

Honda is the only manufacturer to place inside the top-three in both of the survey’s categories, coming in second in ‘Best franchised dealers, 0-3 years’ – or your typical new car warranty period – and third in ‘Best franchised dealers, 4-20 years’, to reflect how dealers perform as a car ages.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our attention-to-detail, the value for money we offer and our ethos that the client relationship begins the moment consumers set foot in one of our showrooms,” said Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director of Honda. “For us, every single customer is unique and that is why we create bespoke sales experiences from beginning to end.”