September 12th

Honda unveils Power Manager smart energy system

Honda has revealed a brand-new energy transfer system at the Frankfurt Motor Show: Power Manager, a fully integrated tool to manage energy among the wider power grid, homes and businesses, and electric vehicles.

The system is designed to incorporate electric vehicles (or EVs) into a smart power network, enabling the collection and distribution of electricity among grid, home or business and EV. Not only that, while the EV is plugged in, its energy can be stored and used at home or sold back to the grid, potentially generating revenue for EV owners. Clever, right?

And it’s coming sooner than you might think. Honda’s Power Manager technology will be used as part of an impending smart grid pilot scheme in western France.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Philip Ross, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, said: “We will incorporate electrified drivelines in two-thirds of cars sold in the region by 2025. The introduction of our Power Manager system supports and reinforces our commitment. It uses advanced technology to intelligently integrate the electric vehicle into the wider power network, so it is no longer just a consumer but also a contributor to the grid. It underlines our pledge to develop a more sustainable mobility model. 

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