November 22nd

My first Honda motorcycle

Everyone remembers their first time. The anticipation. The excitement. The ecstasy. Here we ask nine real riders to reminisce about the moment that changed it all: getting their very first Honda motorcycle.

  • 01 Emma Millar (by Jamie Millar): Honda 90

    This is my wife’s first Honda. She talked for years about wanting a scooter, and being into bikes myself I knew there was only one model for her. You can see here I surprised her on our wedding night two years ago with this very original 1982 Honda 90 - with only 2,200 miles on the clock. She's since passed her CBT and bought a Honda MSX 125 for the commute. The 90 will be kept in the family and given to our newborn son for the years to come.

  • 02 Robert Jones: Honda CB750-F1

    In 1987 I bought a yellow 1978 Honda CB750-F1. I was immensely proud of it at the time; in 1975, when I had a Saturday job cleaning bikes, the Honda CB750 really was the star of the showroom. 

    My standout memory of the bike was in 1988, on my grandmother’s 75th birthday. She had always wanted to go really fast on the back of a motorcycle, so we went for a 15-mile ride along some of my favourite local roads, with her in my wife's gear. It’s one of my all-time favourite memories of my nan. 

  • 03 Chris Nind: Honda SS50

    My parents were always against me buying a motorbike. But my grandad (pictured) – who was a bit of a bad boy in his youth and a keen motorcyclist – gave me the money anyway. It was the equivalent of a two-fingered salute to my parents.

    The freedom my Honda SS50 gave me at 16 was just incredible, and I have many a happy memory of the friends I met along the way. I’m actually still in contact with the lad I bought the bike from. I’ve got my grandpa to thank for getting me on a Honda bike in the first place, and now I’m lucky enough to work for Honda Motorcycles.

  • 04 Yvonne Frosdick: Honda H100-S2

    My first Honda was a H100-S2 – a gift from my uncle for my 21st birthday. I spent an age with my dad sorting the bike out, and it still ran beautifully after standing idle for 15 years in the garage.

    Watching my dad put old bikes together is what made me want to be a biker in the first place, so it meant a lot that he was the one who taught me how to ride. The bike – nicknamed "Maggie" – has a lot of sentimental value and is just an absolute joy to ride. I already can't wait for my next Honda!

  • 05 Johnny Wragg: Honda PCX

    My PCX has been a lifesaver. I've suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for around 30 years, and after going through a particularly rough patch, during which my mum passed away, I started hiking to fight my illness.

    Because I didn't have a driver’s license, I was limited to where I could go. But slowly I noticed that motorcycle riders who passed me on my travels wore that same smiling expression as my fellow hikers. Immediately I looked into getting a bike, passed my CBT and purchased a 2013 PCX two years ago. Now I see riding as the best antidepressant I've ever had. 

  • 06 Andrew Fry: Honda CM200-TA

    I bought this new CM200-TA on May 26 1980 with the money from my first job. Finally, I could go wherever I wanted, when I wanted, without relying on public transport (or a lift from Dad). As a shy, retiring seventeen-year-old, that really was freedom.

    I rode down to Brighton on day two, and Margate the following week. I even met my first girlfriend – my second love after this bike – through a shared affection for it. The CM200-TA was my weekday commuter, my weekend cruiser and my holiday tourer. The bike has never let me down. 

  • 07 Jordan Gibbons: Honda MT50

    This Honda MT50 is special for many reasons. Special because my dad and I spent a year rebuilding it. Special because it’s a nice reminder of my grandad, who bought it for my brother around 10 years ago. And special because it’s my first. It has been with me since childhood and I’ll never sell it. 

  • 08 Jamie Pharro: Honda CG125

    This is me riding my first – and current – bike, a Honda CG125, for the first time just over a year ago. It was barely a week before my CBT, and my brother, who taught me everything he knew, photographed this moment. The bike is bulletproof. It has taught me so much and it holds so many memories.

  • 09 Dan Lovis: Honda XR75

    Nothing brought me and my late dad together like my little red XR75. When I was a kid we had an unmade road at the back of the house where he taught me to ride this magic little bike. That road quickly became my racetrack. Dad even found a local motorcycle club at an old cement works. I think Mum thought it would get bikes out of our system, but it just fuelled the fire!

     As I grew up, the bike would come out of the garage every now and then, until one day we decided to sell her. Before the dealer came to pick her up we headed out for one last blast down the road at the back of our house. With happy memoires and a pat on the tank, she was gone. One day I hope to get another XR75 and teach my kids how to ride, just like my dad taught me.