November 22nd

Top 10 custom Star Wars vehicles

To celebrate the release of The Last Jedi, we take a look at 10 custom vehicles inspired by Star Wars, including a Vader Fireblade, Darth Maul NSX and an X-Wing Goldwing!

  • 01 Darth Maul NSX concept

    In 2015, UK motoring website released their Darth Maul NSX concept to celebrate the two biggest releases of the year: Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Honda NSX. The design features a red-and-black paint job, horned exterior and custom side skirts housing a deadly double-ended lightsabre. 

  • 02 Del Sol X-Wing

    When California native Shawn Crosby decided to fuse his two passions – a Honda Civic del Sol and the Rebel Alliance – this was the result: the Del Sol X-Wing. Constructed from equal parts passion, time and recycled rubbish, Crosby’s creation features dual side-mounted laser cannons, Rebel markings and a scale model R2D2 sticking out of the boot. The pièce de résistance: a personalised number plate reading ‘Obi-Shwn’. 

  • 03 S2000 H-Wing Carfighter

    But after 11 years of service and 243,000 (non-galactic) miles covered, Obi-Shawn decided the time was right to replace his Del Sol X-Wing, so he designed this: a Honda S2000-based H-Wing Carfighter concept. However, after test driving a stock S2000 he decided against it. (Apparently, the car’s cabin prevented him from travelling long distances in comfort while dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper. Classic deal-breaker.)

  • 04 Darth Racer Fireblade SC77

    Created by German motorcycle dealer Big Point for one of its Star Wars-obsessed employees, the Honda Fireblade SC77 Star Wars Edition 2017 features a host of beautifully executed graphics from the films: an AT-AT on the side fairing, Darth Vader’s helmet on the nose cone and the Imperial crest of the Galactic Empire on the front fender. The weird script on the bike’s spoiler? That’s ‘Aurebesh’, a writing system featured in the Star Wars universe. Translated, it reads “Honda Fireblade SC77 Star Wars Edition 2017”, with ‘SC77’ referring to the 1977 release of the first Star Wars movie. The Force is strong with this one.

  • 05 Stormtrooper Ruckus

    Built by Florida-based customisers Jst4shw Rucks, this 2004 Honda Ruckus (or Zoomer, as it’s known outside the US and Canada) has been transformed from a standard 49cc scooter into a wild ride fit for an Imperial Stormtrooper. Key features: an uprated 150cc Honda GY6 motor, custom-made 12x4 front and 13x8 rear two-piece wheels with powder-coated rims, LED lights and a lowered seat frame. Get this: it even comes with a replica Stormtrooper helmet.

  • 06 BTCC Civic Type R Star Wars

    Current World Touring Car Championship racing driver Tom Chilton became the youngest ever winner of a British Touring Car Championship race when, in 2004, he conquered Silverstone at only 19 years old. The race has since gone down as a classic in BTCC history – as has his car, an Arena Motorsport Star Wars liveried Civic Type R!

  • 07 X-Wing Goldwing F6B

    Texan native Mitchell Larson is a huge Star Wars fan, so much so that’s he’s turned his F6B Goldwing motorcycle into a two-wheeled X-wing starfighter complete with Rebel Alliance markings and battle-scarred paintwork. Fun fact: Larson’s helmet is modelled on the one worn by Jek “Piggy” Porkins, a Rebel pilot-cum-cult-icon who has only nine seconds screen time in Star Wars: A New Hope. 

  • 08 Honda Chopper concept

    Car designer Peter Norris thought up this stunning Honda Chopper electric motorcycle concept back in 2011. His main influence? The Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi. The bike sports stretched-out front suspension, feet-forward seating position and electric motors for stealthy, high-speed travel. So sleek it could give Luke’s Landspeeder a run for its money.

  • 09 ‘Battle of Hoth’ Honda Element

    The Battle of Hoth, which saw the Galactic Empire dealing a crucial blow to the Rebel Alliance, was arguably the highlight of The Empire Strikes Back (1980). It also inspired this US-made Honda Element – a hardy vehicle that looks like it would cope with the rigours of the ice planet rather well.

  • 10 Rebel Alliance Postie Bike

    A long time ago on a postal route far, far away, Australian Honda forum member Eatspam decided that he’d like to make his Honda CT110 – or ‘Postie Bike’, as they’re called in Australia – really stand out from the crowd, so he and a few mates got together to work their magic. First they stripped and sanded the bike, then painted on some Rebel Alliance insignia and, finally, applied several rattle cans of protective clear coat. According to its owner, the Rebel Postie made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. (You’ll have to take our word on this one.)